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Are All Electronics Recyclable in Somerset County, NJ?
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If you own old, broken, or unused electronic devices, you’ve likely asked yourself, “How do I dispose of my electronics? Can I recycle any electronics?” 

In this article, we’ll cover the electronics that can and cannot be recycled, which electronic components can be dropped off for recycling, and where to locate electronic recycling centers in Somerset County, New Jersey.

Is Every Electronic Recyclable in Somerset County, New Jersey?

Let’s start with which electronic items should be recycled. You can recycle most types of electronics, partially at least, as they are predominantly made of metal. 

Some of the common electronics that you should send to an electronic recycling center in Somerset County, New Jersey, include:

  • Computers/Tablets
  • Scanners
  • Cell phones
  • Cables & Wire
  • Printers

In fact, only a few types of electronics are unsuitable for recycling. Any electronic device that contains lead, mercury, or other heavy metals requires special handling as these are considered hazardous waste.

Electronics like cathode ray tube TVs contain lead, while pre-1991 TVs, LCD TVs, and monitors may contain mercury.

Appliances like microwaves, toasters, refrigerators, dishwashers, iron boxes, kettles, vacuum cleaners, and washing machines are also eligible for recycling but require special centers. Be sure to call the recycling center beforehand to see if they recycle these appliances.

Are All Electronic Pieces Recyclable? 

You may be wondering: are all electronic components recyclable? Electronics contain components like glass, plastic, circuit boards, chips, processors, connectors, and fans, which are easily recyclable.

Moreover, some electronics contain valuable parts such as silver, gold, palladium, and copper, which are recyclable when handled properly. Before sending your e-waste to a Somerset County, New Jersey, electronic recycling center, please remove the batteries as they contain hazardous materials. 

The Electronic Waste Management Act (EWMA) only provides for the recycling of “covered electronic devices” like monitors, PCs, printers, fax machines, and computers. Specialty recycling centers like Reboot Electronic Recycling recycle a broader range of electronic items such as printers, print supplies, servers, cell phones, VCRs, modems, video games, and wires.

Are Electrical Cables Recyclable? 

Yes, they are. Electrical cables and wires consist of recyclable materials like aluminum and copper. Additionally, their protective covers are made of different types of plastic that can be recycled.

You can recycle them in several ways:

  • Reuse: You may reuse old wires/cables on new gadgets.
  • Recycle: Some recycling centers take cables & wires.
  • Donate: Some organizations or research institutions may need that particular type of wire or cable.
  • Upcycle: If you are artistic, turn wires and cables into art or jewelry.

Where Can I Recycle My Electronics? 

Reboot Electronic Recycling offers secure and convenient electronic recycling services in Somerset County, New Jersey. 

Unlike conventional drop-off facilities, we also provide free pickup service for electronic recycling in Somerset County, New Jersey. Call us, and we’ll arrange a free on-site pickup for e-waste

Moreover, we offer certified data destruction, free of charge, to NIST and DOD standards. 

Whenever you are ready to recycle your electronics, you may drop them at our Mountainside, NJ facility between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday through Friday, or schedule a pickup. Reboot Electronic Recycling has a Landfill Reduction Pledge to help Somerset County, New Jersey, residents dispose of e-waste in a safe, responsible, and eco-friendly way.


Almost all electronics can be recycled as they contain recyclable materials like gold, silver, copper, palladium, glass, and plastic. Only a few items that incorporate heavy metals like lead and mercury should not be recycled as they need special handling.

If you need a Somerset County, New Jersey electronic recycling center that offers free pickup and drop-off services, choose Reboot Electronic Recycling. Contact us today to schedule a free electronics pickup.

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