Our Process

Our process is as simple as 1-2-3 and completely at no cost to you!



Submit a Request

Fill out our online form and provide us with an idea of the electronic items you wish to recycle.


Logistics Planning

Our logistics planning team will coordinate with you to ensure a smooth and efficient pickup process.


Electronic Recycling Pickup

Whether your items are already disassembled or need to be taken apart on-site, such as servers in racks or computer setups at desks, we can efficiently and professionally remove them for recycling.


Data Destruction

Our process ensures that all data is completely removed and irretrievable, giving you peace of mind that your information is secure. We provide a certificate of data destruction upon request.


Electronic Recycling

All electronics will be recycled in accordance with our landfill reduction pledge.

Congratulations, you just recycled your electronics responsibly!

We do all of this at no cost to encourage proper recycling of electronic devices.

Pick Up

  1. Submit a Request
  2. Logistics Planning
  3. Electronic Recycling Pickup
  4. Data Destruction
  5. Electronic Recycling

Have any questions, you can call us or chat with us.

Drop Off

Drop off Hours:
Monday – Friday
9am to 5pm

Drop off Location:
269 Sheffield St Suite #10
Mountainside, NJ 07092

When you arrive, call us so a team member can assist you.

Have any questions, you can call us or chat with us.

Streamlined Electronic Recycling

What is E-Waste and Electronics Recycling?

When your electronic devices are no longer useful, it’s important to know what to do with them. Don’t let them take up space in storage – instead, eRecycle them! Companies like ours will take your older electronics and recycle them in a responsible manner. This is called ‘e-waste recycling’ and it prevents damage to the environment. We ensure that all data is wiped from your devices, and they are properly disposed of.

How to Recycle Your Electronics and E-Waste?

Schedule a date and time for pickup or drop-off, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll make sure your electronics are recycled responsibly.

You can schedule a time today!

Our Landfill Reduction Pledge ensures that we reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill by helping you dispose of your electronic waste in a safe and environmentally responsible way.

            Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly Recycling

Our Process

Being aware of the environmental impact that e-waste has on the planet, we are committed to providing computers and electronics recycling services with convenience to our customers.

By offering our comprehensive recycling services, we hope to motivate you to recycle your electronic devices safely, ethically, and responsibly.

We care about our community as well as being committed to your data safety and privacy. 

Who Are Our Clients

We have worked with a wide range of companies in various industries and hope that we can work with you as well.

Here are some of our recent clients:

If you have e-waste or devices that you no longer use or need, you can bring your devices to us or schedule a pick up time.