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Are There Electronic Recycling Centers in Jersey City, New Jersey?
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If you have old and outdated electronics, you’ve probably wondered: “Where can I take my electronics to be recycled in Jersey City, New Jersey?” 

That’s precisely what this article addresses. Keep reading to learn where to recycle electronics in Jersey City, New Jersey, including all the electronic recycling centers nearest you.

Electronic Recycling Centers in Jersey City, New Jersey 

The EPA, Council on Environment Quality (CEQ), and General Services Administration (GSA) co-founded the National Strategy for Electronic Stewardship in 2011 to tackle e-waste management of chemicals and heavy metals in electronics.

Its recommendations include reusing and recycling programs and landfill dumping management of electronic waste (e-waste). Several states, including New Jersey, signed into law the initiative and instituted recycling regulations to curb e-waste dumping.

In 2017, New Jersey enacted legislation in the Electronic Waste Management Act (EWMA) that strengthened the scope of e-waste management. 

The new legislation made it mandatory for electronic manufacturers to provide e-waste recycling in compliance with all local, state, and federal laws, ordinances, and regulations.

Additionally, manufacturers must ensure their devices are not exported for disposal if they pose a risk to the environment or public health. Part of the requirements enacted by EWMA is setting up collection centers for electronic waste.

Because of the legislation for disposing of electronics responsibly, you will find recycling centers statewide and locally in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

The collection plan includes the following covered electronic devices:

  • Desktop or personal computers
  • Laptops 
  • Printers
  • Computer monitors
  • Fax machines
  • Cell phones

When you have unused e-waste under the above category, you cannot dispose of it in the trash. Instead, the law states that it be deposited in an authorized recycling center. If you can’t transport bulky e-waste, you may contact the manufacturer to pick it up from your premises. Please note that they will charge you for the service.

Alternatively, you may turn to Reboot Electronic Recycling, a leading Jersey City, New Jersey electronic recycling center. We offer 100% free electronic recycling pickup and drop-off services as well as hard drive data destruction that meets NIST and DOD standards. 

Reboot Electronic Recycling will handle it so you don’t need to transport e-waste to a Jersey City, New Jersey electronic recycling center. Further, we recycle more electronic products than those provided in EWMA. To begin the process of requesting a pickup, simply complete the form on our website. You may also drop off items at our facility Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

How Can I Find Electronic Recycling Centers in Jersey City, New Jersey? 

Finding a Jersey City, New Jersey electronic recycling center is easy. Just search online, and you’ll find plenty of options.

If you can’t find one near you, go to the official website of the Department of Environmental Protection. They have a handy list of all e-waste collection sites, their addresses, municipality, and phone numbers. Additionally, they have a compilation of all authorized recyclers.

But, collecting and transporting your electronics may be a challenging task. That’s where Reboot Electronic Recycling comes in handy. We are the go-to solution if you are looking for a recycling company to pick up unwanted electronic items.

We at Reboot Electronic Recycling are proud of our Landfill Reduction Pledge—our commitment to reducing electronic landfill waste.

Since electronics contain heavy metals that pollute the environment, New Jersey amended the Electronic Waste Management Act (EWMA) to encourage collecting and recycling electronic waste.

If you are seeking free pickup, drop-off, or data destruction services for your e-waste, contact Reboot Electronic Recycling.

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