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How to Dispose of Office Electronics in Newark, New Jersey?
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Offices use a wide range of electronics to keep operations running smoothly. Over time, computers, printers, and fax machines break down or are replaced, and properly discarding old electronics is essential.

New Jersey laws prohibit disposing of electronics in the trash because of the environmental hazards they cause. The safe and responsible way to dispose of electronics in Newark, New Jersey, is through an electronic recycling center such as Reboot Electronic Recycling.

How To Dispose of Office Electronics? 

Electronic waste (e-waste) contains heavy metals. Therefore, you should not dispose of them in the same way you would ordinary garbage. Disposing e-waste in the trash is irresponsible since it will end up in a landfill and pollute the environment.

New Jersey recycling legislation, the Electronic Waste Management Act (EWMA), dictates that office electronics must be disposed of in a designated electronics recycling center. 

Which Office Electronics Should Be Recycled? 

Are office electronics recyclable? According to the EWMA, yes. Section 2 of the act describes the electronics eligible for recycling (covered devices) as computers, portable computers, laptops, computer monitors, desktop fax machines, and printers.  

You may take these products to a center specializing in office electronics, like Reboot Electronic Recycling. They recycle office electronics listed by the EWMA in addition to others, including:

  1. Computer mice and keyboards
  2. Tablets and iPads
  3. Cell phones/smartphones
  4. Photocopiers
  5. Video equipment
  6. UPS battery backups
  7. Modems, servers, server racks 

Reboot Electronic Recycling offers a free data destruction service that meets the NIST and Department of Defense standards. This service completely wipes information from disposed data drives, eliminating potential data breaches.

Do Electronic Recycling Centers Pick Up Office Devices? 

While EWMA sanctions free drop-off points for covered devices where you can take your office electronics to recycle, electronic recycling pick-up is a bit different. 

You can call manufacturers to pick up items that are too large or heavy to transport, but this is considered a premium service, which means they can charge a fee. The solution for this is Reboot Electronic Recycling in Newark, New Jersey. 

If you don’t have the time to make the drop-off, contact Reboot Electronic Recycling to schedule your electronic recycling pick-up. They will come to your location, take all unwanted electronics off your hands, and recycle them for free!

Where to Take Office Electronics to Recycle?

If you need to recycle office electronics, there are plenty of options. You can take them to a designated collection center. The department has earmarked all the Newark, New Jersey, electronic recycling centers, so all you have to do is find the most convenient location. 

You may also contact Reboot Electronic Recycling for free office electronic drop-off and pick-up services in Newark, New Jersey.

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